We are asking a series of questions to a diverse group of economic and non-economic thinkers with the objectives of shedding light on the most salient challenges facing human civilization in our time.

With this series of interviews, we aim to explore the role of economics and the inner workings of capitalism, and to heighten people’s awareness of both the economic system in which they live and work.

We have 8 major question categories:

Fundamental Economics

Why does economics matter?

Economic Science & Engineering

What are the differences between economic science (academic economics) and economic engineering (policymaking)?

Society & Economics

What role does economics play in society?
Does it serve the common good?

Economics and the wider environment

Economics provides answers to problems related to markets, efficiency, profits, consumption and economic growth. Does economics do a good job in addressing the other issues people care about: climate change and the wider environment, the role of technology in society, issues of race and class, pandemics, etc.?

The Age of Economists

As we live in an age of economics and economists – in which economic developments feature prominently in our lives and economists have major influence over a wide range of policy and people – should economists be held accountable for their advice?

Economics & Capitalism

Does economics explain Capitalism? How would you define Capitalism?

Surviving Capitalism

No human system to date has so far been able to endure indefinitely - not ancient Egypt or Rome, not Feudal China or Europe, not the USSR. What about global Capitalism: can it survive in its current form?

Capitalism and humanity

Is Capitalism, or whatever we should call the current system, the best one to serve the needs of humanity, or can we imagine another one?