Who we are
We are an independent group of citizens from different parts of the world with different cultural and professional backgrounds. We are artists, philosopers, designers, web specialists and economists.

Why we are doing this
What unites us is that we are concerned about the status and the development of our beautiful planet. We see an amazing potential in our species, at the same time a lot of difficulties.

Age of Economics
In 2020 we started a web based project and asked 8 fundamental questions about economics and the capitalist civilization to a group of diverse global thinkers. 53 weeks, 53 interviews. Now we want to continue this project with a new series of interviews focused on economics and ecology.

Co-Founder / Filmmaker

Fabio Dondero

Italian-German author, photographer and filmmaker based in Berlin. He released four full length documentary movies and countless music video productions.
co-founder, editor

Julian Karaguesian

Canadian economist who has worked in the public sector, private sector and academia, in areas ranging from international macroeconomics and finance to sovereign risk analysis and debt restructuring to new economic thinking, systems analysis, complexity economics and big picture dynamics. He currently teaches economics at McGill University in Montreal.
co-founder, editor

William Hynes

Senior Advisor to the Secretary General and the Head of the New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC). Associate Fellow and Adjunct Professor in International Economics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.
Social Media Strategist (second season)

Claudia Peña Polidori

deputy editor

William Fajzel

William is a graduate student in Earth and Planetary Sciences at McGill University. His undergraduate training was in Economics and Earth System Science, and is most excited about the global scope Age of Economics brings. His favourite book is Nostromo, by Joseph Conrad.
Web Architect (S. 01)

Daniel Flores

Daniel is a freelance editorial designer, developer & publisher. He started his professional web development career in London as an assistant to the Web Editor at the Daily Express Newspapers. He is a passionate Blockchain advocate and has co-authored 2 books about cryptocurrencies.
Social Media Strategist (S. 02)

Maria Filippou

Maria Filippou is a multifaceted professional based in Berlin, excelling in the fields of writing, education, and social media strategy. With a rich background encompassing seven years of dedicated blogging and column writing and more than ten years in teaching, she has seamlessly pivoted her skills towards social media. While she primarily collaborates with female musicians, her influence also touches upon the realms of festivals, cinema, and art exhibitions.
Web Architect (S. 02)

Carlo Schlatter

After a BA Degree in Philosophy and a BA in Graphic Communication, Carlo goes on to attend the MA course in Communication, Design and Publishing at ISIA Urbino, Italy. He works as a freelancer with graphic design studios, companies and individuals to create websites of all kinds. He is especially interested in social matters and multidisciplinary issues.

The Platform

Age of Economics is a free platform. It is also unmonetized; while we pursue the study of economics and capitalism, we are not motivated by commercial factors. We do not receive any remuneration for our work or content and are committed to keeping our site and channel ad-free.

If you find value in our work, please support us in any way you see fit.